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We have come a long way in a few years.  In 2010 we helped 50 children a year, in 2011 just over 300, that then rose to 628 in 2012.

Thanks to your help and support in 2016 we helped 1500 children who each had their tears wiped away for a moment.

  • We now focus our help in these key areas.
  • Seriously and Terminally ill children
  • Support for families of Terminally ill children.
  • Children who are victims of Domestic Violence Situations
  • Underprivileged families in the local community

We are proud to say we have now helped hundreds of children in the UK, below is a selection of some of the ways we have helped brighten up the lives of these children.

Elliot – 2 Years old

Elliot suffers from Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy and has global marked muscle tone throughout his body, making all movements up against gravity extremely effortful for him. He also has a Cortical Visual Impairment and delayed development alongside marked ligamentos laxity of his knees whereby his knees hyper-extend beyond the normal position, which also adds to his instability. Elliot’s need for a Grillo Walker would enable him to practise walking and to aid his independence. This would be a wonderful opportunity for him to explore his environment more freely, he is currently only able to walk with the assistance of one person at very short distances as he tires easily. Wipe Your Tears are thrilled to have been able to fund the Grillo Walker through the generosity of our supporters.

Here is what Elliot’s Mum & Dad had to say:

“We really cannot thank Wipe Your Tears enough for the amazing gesture by supplying our little boy Elliot a walker. Unfortunately, the NHS do not have the resources to supply the walker to Elliot and he is in so desperate need of it. We hold on to every hope that he will be able to walk one day, and if anything can help him get to this goal, it will be the walker! Thank you to the team and all of the charities wonderful supporters! Keep doing what you do, and changing the lives of so many children. We will be eternally grateful”

Mark & Sophie – Father & Daughter

“My name is Mark and I have been fortunate enough to be in the receipt of what can only be described as salvation from “Wipe Your Tears Children’s Charity”. I found myself in dire straits after the mother of my 13year old daughter passed away suddenly. At the time I had moved in with my ex-partner and her 9 year old daughter. Due to the difficult relationship between myself and my daughters mother my partner at the time (we had been together over 2 years) had never met my daughter. When my daughters mum died I collected her and brought her to live with us, as you can imagine things were strained. After a few months it became obvious that it was too much for my partner at the time and she asked me to leave. With nowhere to go, no family to speak of a friend took  me in, my daughter had to stay with her nan who is bed ridden. During this time a lady  I knew who was helping me by looking out for my daughter due to her circumstances, introduced to a lovely kind woman called Wendy who is the Chief Executive of Wipe Your Tears Children’s Charity. This proved to be a blessing as Wendy and the team at Wipe Your Tears were beyond helpful.

The Wipe Your Tears Team took my daughter shopping for her school uniform, items for school plus other things such as new trainers etc and these were purchased for her by the charity. Wipe Your Tears also helped me immeasurably once we found a place to live by providing all you could ask for such as a TV, hoover, pots, pans, duvets, bedding the list is endless. Wipe Your Tears also assisted me financially without making me feel like a Charity case. I do work full time and am an extremely proud man. For me the best part of what the Wipe Your Tears team offered was compassion and thoughtfulness and that to me is priceless. So I can whole heartedly say that my faith in human kindness has been restored, giving me the strength to prosper and build a new life for both my daughter and myself.”

Katie-Louise – 22 Months old

Katie-Louise is a little girl who has Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia. Katie-Louise’s condition leaves her in need of a Paediatric Bed which would assist with her safety whilst sleeping and also grow with her. The bed is height adjustable and profiling, meaning this will minimise any further risk damage to her parents backs. Her parents, Derek and Victoria both suffer with back injuries through having to lift Katie-Louise in and out of her current cot which is not suitable for her condition. Wipe Your Tears were thrilled to be able to raise enough funds to pay for this piece of medical equipment for home use which was not available on the NHS. The funds were raised via The Spring Flower Dance 2017. Derek and Victoria are thrilled to know that Katie-Louise will now be in a safe and comfortable environment when she sleeps.

Here is what Katie-Louise’s Mum & Dad had to say:

“From initial contact with WYT team to taking delivery of Katie-Louise’s bed surpassed our expectations. The team were approachable, very helpful and friendly. Thanks to Wendy, Gen, Mark and Paul. Wipe your Tears really do wipe your tears away and bring a smile and have given Katie-Louise a brighter and safer future in her new bed.”

Samuel (Sam) – 11 Years old

Sam was diagnosed with AML in 2009 for which he had Chemotherapy treatment, following a relapse in 2014 Sam received a Bone Marrow transplant. Two years later in May 2016 Sam began his journey in receiving palliative care treatment with intent for quality of life to terminal phase.

In April 2017 Wipe Your Tears were privileged to grant an end of life wish for Samuel to visit Harry Potter World in London with his Mum, younger Brother Ollie and Uncle. The trip was funded via Project Charlie.

Sadly, Sam became too poorly to enjoy his wish and passed away peacefully on 19th April 2017.

Wipe Your Tears are continuing to support Mum and Ollie and in honour of Sam’s memory, the trip to Harry Potter World will be taken at a later date.

Our thoughts remain with Sam and his Family

Lewis – 21 Months Old

Lewis is a little boy who is registered as severely sighted, he has perception of light sight only. This is due to a cerebral visual impairment. He has Brain damage – Encephalomalacia, Unpredictable Epilepsy – Tonic and Absence seizures, Global Development Impairment and Microcephaly. Lewis and his family require a Medical Bed to assist with Lewis’ safety. The family were also in need of a much deserved short break which Wipe Your Tears were thrilled to be able to fund via Project Charlie. Fundraising has been arranged to help provide Lewis with his Medical Bed.

Amy  – 11 Years old

Amy is a little girl who suffers from Rett Syndrome along with other disabilities including being mute she also suffers from severe curvature of the spine.  The NHS offered to pay for an operation to fix Amy’s curvature of the spine but the family couldn’t afford the time off work, travel and associated costs of the treatment.  With this treatment Amy’s life would be much more comfortable so we offered and have now paid for all the costs for the operation, such as travel, accommodation etc to allow Amy’s parents to support Amy during the operation without the added financial stress.

Jessica – 13 years old.

Jessica’s parents came to us asking if we could organise a special surprise for Jessica. When Jessica was 8 she had bone marrow cancer, at 11 she had a stroke and at that point doctors discovered a heart condition that meant she needed a heart transplant.  When we were introduced to her she had received her transplant and was about to start school. We thought about the help we could give and support she would need after such a long period in hospital, we decided to invite her new school class to a party before school started so all her class could meet her and learn about her before they were in a school environment. We approached Top Shop who kindly helped provide new clothes etc. The result was, a little girl who would have been very timid and scared on her first day of senior school, actually arrived as a semi-celebrity herself, all her new class mates embraced her seeing through her obvious differences and making the whole recovery process for Jess and their family much easier.

Michael – 5 years old

Michael had a seriously life limiting brain disorder and his final wish was to meet his hero Peter Andre. We arranged for Peter to come to the hospice where Michael was being cared for and to meet all the kids, Michael was the VIP and Peter very kindly gave him lots of presents and signed memorabilia. Michael passed away in the coming weeks but he got to meet his hero as he asked.


We were fortunate enough at Christmas to receive hundreds of toys. At that point, we didn’t have as many children in need as we had toys, so as a charity we tried to think of the most vulnerable children at Christmas time. We donated the toys to a local Women’s Crisis Refuge ensuring that every child received gifts from Santa. These children, because of their situation, were more than likely going to miss Christmas that year, but thanks to the help of our donors they had one of the best Christmases ever!


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